About us

Orograf S.r.l. has been in the SELF-ADHESIVE LABEL and SLEEVE business for 50 years.
We are a well-established firm, both in Italy and internationally, and hold ISO 9001:2015 certificate and we offer a high-quality and highly flexible all-round service, from graphic design through to final printing.

Printing systems

Our production facilities are highly innovative and use the most advanced manufacturing technologies.
We have a wide range of printing systems (letterpress, screen, HD flexo, digital, offset, hot relief, dry relief, perforation, glitter effect and on-foil pantone overprinting), and we can print on all types of material, adhesive and non-adhesive (laid, embossed, metallized paper, synthetic films, twin and booklet labels, reels and sheets), for any kind of end product.
But what really distinguishes Orograf S.r.l. is that we can combine multiple printing systems on the same production line and therefore offer our customers unique and customized final products tailored to their specific needs.


Add value to the label


Hot/Cold foil


Embossing e Debossing


On-foil Pantone overprinting


Glitter effect

Relief and sensory varnish
Anti-counterfeiting varnish

Graphic design

Our graphic designers will work to find the ideal graphic solution for your particular project, whether the request is for a restyling, a trial or a whole new project.

Photoliths and preprinting

Imagesetters, photopolymer etching for letterpress/flexographic printing, production of screen-printing frames, CTP system for engraving offset plates.

Printing systems

OROGRAF offers a wide range of adhesive labels produced using the very latest printing systems

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